Audi RS 6 BMW M6 Gran Coup, comparison (Part 3)

After analyzing the key differences BMW M6 Gran Coupe And Audi RS 6 Avant See the most fun play, how the most powerful BMW and Audi of the moment work in asphalt.

This is all to say, but comparing two cars that develop 1,120 horses is paper, not a simple task or possible for anyone. It's the first # ReturnAlColeMPWith a strong test / comparison type that we want to do every year in September, we are back in force after the summer. Do you start?

Press the button to start the beast. In the case of Audi, there is a central console and BMW's ignition key. In both cases, you have to pay for access to the car without a key. This system is illogical because it is provided as standard in low-end cars. Nothing happens, BMW's 1,218 Euro and Audi's 990 Euro are not going to be a problem for potential buyers.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe engine

When you start two toys of this level, I expect you to cool down with the roar of the engine every morning in the morning. training For BMW, the 4.4-liter V8 M Twin Power Turbo engine is hidden beneath the hood. Every time you wear it sounds like a glory..

In the morning with a cold car, the engine keeps idling a little higher and makes a sound. The perfect sound with metal and hoarse sounds is music for your ears. It is the same sound that the BMW M6 coupe or cabrio emits. At least it is inevitable that you give a goose doll and smile on your face..

In the RS6 Avant, you can start the 4.0 V8 TFSI engine by pressing the button next to the center console's front passenger seat. The first sound that two oval outputs emit is very sudden If you hear a quick sound, it will stay in the sound as carefully as the sound that can emit 2.0 TFSI from the idle state.. Although not exciting in this sense, Cylinder type Disables the cylinder when the cylinder is not needed. But do not worry. Since everything changes on the go, I am sure of you.

Audi RS 6 Avant engine

BMW gear lever is pure sight. Small and resultona, there are simply three positions. Move it to the left and move it backward. At the center position, the neutral point N changes to sequential mode when you release Auto D while giving a touch to the right and release it to another position (the lever always returns to its original position).

This function allows you to move the gears of the cam or lever itself quickly and accurately. Seven Relationships With Cool Auto M Double Clutch And DrivelogicYou can modify the change rate at three levels: manual and automatic. If you can not find the location you need, you have mistaken your car.

Audi finds the more traditional gearshift lever. Long and large paths can pass through neutral N or automatic D to stop at the most advanced position P. Moving the lever to the right activates the sequential mode, which allows you to change the gear to move up or down. Finally, tapping at position D activates the corresponding mode sports Of S Tiptronic 8 Ratio Auto Change.

Audi RS 6 Avant picture

First difference in the city

The BMW M6 Gran Coupe and the Audi RS6 Avant by access are all perfectly responsive, even if their level of power puts them at the threshold of the market's big supercar Everyday use and overland and even sports on the road and on the road.

In town, both cars meet plenty enough. They are comfortable cars every day. What happens in other oncoming supercars is not a maneuver to do due to the movement you are facing, and the biggest drawback is finding a parking space that is 5 meters or more in length.

For Audi, it is based on familiar familiarity, such as the free height of the front skirt, much higher than BMW, which has a low nose and always challenging face. You wait in the supercar. Y Also, when you park in parallel, you can easily reach the curb..

Audi RS 6 Avant from BMW M6 Grand Coupe

Both cars, of course, have enough power to move the city freely. Do not forget we have 560 horses under each right pedal. BMW's maximum torque is 680 Nm and Audi exceeds 700 Nm..

At this point, although I have a bit less torque, It gives 250 RPM in front of AudiThe difference is very important, but especially noticeable when accelerating, especially when recovering from long gears without gear shifting.

When we add it The direction of BMW is much more agile and accurate than Audi.My favorite is the BMW, by the city. The reason is? With similar size, price, and cavalry in hand, finding each movement is precise, so nothing fails.

Audi RS 6 Avant

The most comfortable city in Audi is to choose Comfort mode. Choose Audi DriveIt is a program that automatically makes engine, stop and direction as comfortable as possible. In BMW, you can push more efficiency Comfort's address and suspension, or It is configured in advance. In one of the two modes you can select from the steering wheel (M1 or M2)

In the most comfortable configuration, I have found that BMW is more comfortable than Audi for a day.Perhaps that giant 21-inch wheel absorbed the irregularities of the land worse and moved them more directly to the occupants.

That is More than a permanent loss of traction BMW whenever the exit or floor of traffic light is not perfect, Bavaria will win a street victory in the city in front of Audi, but unfortunately the excess of cavalry for rear-wheel drive will be his main burden during the test. In the village we could talk about draw.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

On what roads can these cars be tested?

The answer to this question is clear and clear in AutoBahn, which has no speed limit and no traffic. The rest of the road is wide, straight and perfect, but these two masts of 560 meters in length can escape from legal situations within five seconds.

The highway is dangerous. If you do not constantly measure yourself with your right foot, You are not in danger of being arrested, If you know at the exit of the dungeon that you have 560 horses waiting for you with fear, it will be additional torture.

In our test we find a mountain road that mainly has 590 horses and two tons of each weight should make sure not too much during the afternoon of fun on the wheels. Moving a lot of words to the asphalt does not seem easy. BMW already has a problem with the crowd moving forward.

Audi RS 6 Avant

On the way to one of the curved roads around Madrid, this is a must when the main character passes 500 hp. Winter road parking It is located on the edge of the A1 motorway and is completely abandoned for us.

I think most people's instinct is a perfect scenario. Asphalt extensions over 700 meters in length and over 500 meters in length There is no risk of traffic congestion and fines.. On paper it is the perfect place to squeeze the Audi RS6 Avant and BMW M6 Gran Coupe without risk. I paint a picture on the asphalt with the salt of last winter. BMW's Width 295 and Audi 275's impressive rear wheel.

But in Motorpasión we do not like it that way. We simply enter the photographs of two cars so that we can take them quietly together without fearing the viewer. Only a few of the civilian security officers asked us what we were doing. And when we told them the power of each car, they fled from fear.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

It was time for the teacher Javier Álvarez to come together after depicting both cars with their usual quality Comparing two cars, kilometers and kilometers of roads, feel the details You will be able to come to the conclusion that the sun has given you an overwhelming temperature.

We looked for a road with a wide view and a fast curve. I had good visibility and ability to play with both cars. In such terrain, Audi and BMW can enjoy a lot from the wheel..

When the road is good, the difference is very small and the road is also small. Audi has "more turbocharacters" This coming car is much more noticeable than in BMW, Sometimes the atmosphere seems, in both cases we can take the rhythm devilish It is very similar without trying too hard.

Audi RS 6 Avant

The line is too long and the trooper is too long to go to the next level as soon as possible. If that happens, there are two well-equipped braking teams in both cases that are not problematic in stopping the game.

While the Audi RS6 selects the lobed disc, The BMW M6 Gran Coupe is already equipped with a ceramic carbon that can be identified by the color of the gold brake calipers.. Both contacts are excellent. And you have to worry when it comes to braking the weight of more than two tons at the normal speed of the car on an RS6 not too complicated to raise the temperature of this thermometer. The only thing to pay attention to in the M6 ​​Grand Coupe is to reach the optimum operating range. Otherwise, it works perfectly.

The calmness of the two cars at the corner is excellent. Perhaps BMW in this type of terrain demonstrates an agility that Audi is not seeing very well., But they are the least sense of thankfulness after you have just up and down irregularly from one and the other.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

We are both Medium setting of all parameters of the car, And no more comfort and the truth we have not seen in all the incompleteness of black asphalt when we look at the section we made earlier on the highway. It occurs when you are going to or from the steering wheel of a supercar born to run. "attack".

In the curve, Quattro is better than M.

After enjoying a good dose of kilometers at a very high speed I completely canceled the reference I had about the other car, soon its a perfect mountain road started showing its more complex faces. For very steep banks, even lower and slower radius curves.

In front of us we finally had a perfect scenario to see which two cars are better, because until now its draw could be the result of this evening of German pollen. A Rally section It was hard work because 2 cars could enjoy with 560 horses.

Audi RS 6 Avant

I was on Audi's wheel, so Choose Audi Drive I chose a pre-configured dynamic mode with the most momentum parameters that these 560 animals can provide. On the radio I told Javier Alvarez to do the same on the M6. After a while he replied. "M1 activated".

We were on the perfect road with two cars configured in the most fishing way possible. It was Tuesday afternoon, and there was no traffic when people thought that they had found a job instead of the lost road in the hands of the gods who squeezed a super sports bar. Luckily it was our job.So we started to work.

Climbing a slope with a similar power and bit number is stitching and singing for one of two cars that can accelerate more than anything the slope of the same thing expects. In this sense, it happened earlier, and despite the fact that Turbo in Audi is more noticeable and gives more kick sensation, BMW goes well with the pace..

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

Even if Javier accelerated to the floor, I did not take my foot off.. Through the rearview mirror I was able to see his face perfectly and the nose of the BMW M6 Gran Coupe was always challenging.

As soon as I got visibility, it was not important to accelerate. Both cars deliver power with equal force. So we make it inseparable when talking about pure profit in a straight line.

Little by little the road turned and I began to draw a curved line that was drawing more and more closed radius every minute. This has started to become a real mountain road. In this scenario, the main difference between the two cars is beginning to come to light..

Audi RS 6 Avant Motion

The Audi RS6 Avant is an animal that can deliver all the power to the ground, but you are closed by many side assistance that you are piloting or you are exercising. The BMW M6 Grand Coupe quickly has the problem of quickly transferring power to the ground through the rear wheels..

Before you set up the front wheel straight up, you need to raise the accelerator or try to put gas inside the curve, If the BMW M6 Grand Coupe can not accelerate, the Audi RS6 Avant will not be able to accelerate., And much more can do it with a powerful force that goes against the laws of physics.

As the curve continued, I could see how Javier was lurking. I am not a slower driver than I am at all. The problem was when the BMW M6 Gran Coupé had to go really fast on the curve. You need a very high level pilot.. You should be able to decide every 10th of a second whether you are at the optimal point to accelerate.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

On the other hand, the Audi RS 6 Avant is at an unreachable level when transmitting power to the ground. I am sure of you. It has been a long time since I drove a car that could take you very quickly on a winding road.Sometimes I felt even afraid because the asphalt grip seemed never to end.

Avant on the day before driving the Audi RS 6 I was riding on the Audi RS4 and I am convinced that my brother is more effective on the curve than the small one on this very high level. RS 6 Avant is like a good grandfather who allows absolutely everything for you.

In Audi you enter the corner brakes, you put a lot of directions. And as you get to know what a car is capable of, You accelerate faster than any other car because you know you will always have the power available. I think that anyone who wants to make a good super sports saloon that is so well tuned in the chassis should accept it as a reference.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

instead It must be very thin in BMW.. It is best not to touch too much of the brakes at the curve entry. Because the back is more playful than you want. If you can already supply the gas at the same gas outlet, you should make a careful measurement. In the case of minimum error, the light of the traction control and considerable power loss They say that the fun was helped by electronic control so that it did not end in tragedy.

In mode M dynamic, BMW has the action threshold of the traction control much higher and therefore less intrusive, so the rear slips a little at the exit of the curve. In this situation, The car is very interesting., Because it is hard to describe the adrenaline you feel when you create a back slide that you think your children can sit in the back.

Audi for that part gives you that dose of adrenaline Makes you violate all the laws of physics that you have to assimilate into your brain.. I am sure that all my references have changed to this day. I do not know if the Audi RS 6 Avant always reminds me of the Subaru WRX STi in a way that always sticks to the asphalt.

Audi RS 6 Avant

It is the largest index I know up to the concept of the date of the word and the pull of Quattro integral. Simply sublimation.

It will continue …

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