Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin, Presentation and Testing of Ascari

Scenario better presentation than southern Spain. Bridgestone Europe managers must have thought that when they were preparing for a tire launch event. Bridgestone Potenza Adrenaline RE002. What they did not anticipate was the dog was an hour.

Despite finding us in the Costa del Sol, Malaga He received us with rain. Our destination was Estepona, where we would be traveling Ascary circuitTo perform another test on a new tire, at Ronda. The climate is full. Yes, everyone wet.

The Potenza Adrenalin RE002 we tested Drivers with sports aspirations And version sports Although it can be equipped on many vehicles, brand new (Ford uses Fiesta RS or Alfa Romeo 156 GTA as an example), it provides information on other models. The goal is to provide a more dynamic ride. More precise behavior And you can get a better response from management.

Presentation and testing of Brisgestone Potenza Adrenalin, Ascari

Potenza Adrenaline RE002

Bridgestone launches new product Adrenaline To all drivers who are looking for Sports sense from the wheel Ideal for Potenza S001 tires without having to rely on first class products for high performance vehicles.

This adrenaline tire is aimed at all drivers who want a sporty tire. Regular car (Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3, Opel Astra GTC, BMW 1 Series, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Peugeot 208, Citroen DS3, Ford Focus, Hyundai i30, Volkswagen Scirocco, Renault Clio and Mercedes-Benz Class A). And it is provided as an action Between 15 and 18 inches It consists of sections from 195 to 245.

To achieve the benefits that Bridgestone found, Silica Provides high grip and low rolling resistance, and asymmetrical design, more rugged shoulders and Home of different shapes and sizes They function in both dry and wet conditions.

Presentation and testing of Brisgestone Potenza Adrenalin, Ascari

Ascari circuit. Test wet

Bridgestone's experience Ascary circuit, Including tire testing at Ronda (Málaga) Other vehicles And dry and humid weather. The weather tells us Tests with wet soil.

The first test of the day is "dry", but we end it on the water. To improve the evacuation of water, Press, Wide "design" and "pulse" (see photo) Crush the underwater film. Formed on asphalt and to some extent avoided or delayed Airplane ride. The deflector grooves distribute water and as the velocity increases over a narrow area of ​​the puddle, water is propelled into a large area evacuation.

We are Audi A3 It is one of the most threatening models and the next generation model equipped with the Turanza T001 tires in Ascari's most banking area. In this case, we do not move very fast (remember, it's wet). We are Exact line Try to work smoothly without brusqueness. The tires worked well, but later we knew that adrenaline had an advantage.

Presentation and testing of Brisgestone Potenza Adrenalin, Ascari

In the Audi A3 with Turanza tires we are handed to the same one, Adrenaline tires. Now we go a little faster and we Compliance is greater., The address is more accurate, the car Better support (Thanks to the stiffer shoulders). And the back moves a little harder. It adds a touch of sportiness that the average driver may not find. In this second batch, cars cycle more stable in the same way.

Of course, if we start moving at a faster pace, You've reached your grip limit before.As the monitor points out, we are still shooting faster than in the previous round. Of course this adrenaline More interesting At least when driving over Turanza on the water.

After the wet test we Wet test, Really damp. What we did not know is that the test is literally wet. As the minute passes, the tracks become more and more overflowing and you know how far the tire can reach. In this case, Volkswagen Golf The last generation (VII) is equipped with Thai Turanza and other things with adrenaline related to us.

Presentation and testing of Brisgestone Potenza Adrenalin, Ascari

Our British comrades are buzzing instantly at the booth where we avoid the rain and have coffee between trials and trials, Many people go a little way. Wet to grasp the main difference between the two tires.

We went to a little circuit drawn. Cone One of the golf courses equipped with Turanza tires (with two corners and slalom). On a small brusque we have an address ESP It starts work and gives us fun. The limit is close and easy to reach (track is flooded). Electronic products take care of us.

With Adrenalin tires, you can clearly see the difference. There is more limit. ESP works faster, but is more abrupt in terms of performance. Also, Slalom Keep in mind that automobiles follow the executive orders more easily. Although there is understeer, this rubber appears to have less sports wear than a tire turanza.

Presentation and testing of Brisgestone Potenza Adrenalin, Ascari

The next test Timed We fight for the adrenalin tires with the rest of the players so we have to do what we do. This car Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Auto change Estonian And the test, the round-trip slalom. goal? Of course, do not throw the cone, but do it as soon as possible.

Try (from the video) I seem to be going well until the car dies to get back. It's a matter of change. Estonian, It throws me a little. The floor is not fully responsive.. When the car is pushed back to the starting line, there is hardly time to swear in Hebrew in my head. All right, let's go.

On the way back from the end of the slalom, you have to brake within a certain space. If you stop braking and do not finish the front axle in the marked mark, the cone will be pulled. Fortunately Braking in the field, They tell me that I played the cone when I get out of the car. I did not throw it away and just passed by I add five seconds. And it does not leave me alone. It is because the times without poor punishment are very competitive. Poor!

The professional pilot (circuit instructor) has been tested as follows. prison Or connect the taxi at high speed through the first sector of the circuit. In this case, Audi TT with full traction, One gasoline and another diesel. We go out to get gas and find out on the track that the driver has his own style. Throw the car into the curve. Allows the rear axle to slip, thus avoiding the original understeer that appears on the front or on a circuit with a complete towing car.

As we have already confirmed in our previous tests, the tires behave very nobly (as the pilots say). Good TT chassis Solid tire, They provide a successful combination. Due to the ruggedness of the wheel, the direction changes instantaneously stability It is regrettable that everything of the vehicle is wet, of course. We would have wanted to know where the limits of this tire are on a dry surface.

Bridgestone and Ascary circuit They surprised us even though weather ruined our plans. The idea is Cart Cross (It does not equip Bridgestone tires but helps us get the idea of ​​the driving experience provided by the Ascari facility) Off-road track Obviously it is too muddy so they see it as impossible to realize. Finally we ended up finishing a little turn with this piece with a motorcycle engine 600 cubic centimeters Through the roads of the farm.

Presentation and testing of Brisgestone Potenza Adrenalin, Ascari

Driving is not very long because the engine will fall over several times quickly. Oil light is on.We can not squeeze this little animal. The little thing I saw about this curious device caught my attention. Your motorcycle engine sounds great, but it has a lot of power and seems to run comfortably on high wheels. We have a clutch pedal and Change is sequential., The first speed moves forward and the rest moves backward. It should shimmer from the circuit of sand or mud.

The bad taste of the mouth, which was unable to shoot for more than two minutes with Kart Cross, Pit lane That Radical SR3 (Test, Parts 1 and 2) We will perform a co-pilot with a pilot who knows the circuit at his fingertips. I also regret that the track is wet because the limits of these devices in the dry state must be real insanity. It does not do bad things on wet grounds, but the driver must drive conservatively. Far below your limit. But let's devote ourselves to enjoying experiences that you do not experience every day!

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