Honda Civic tora, Touchdown

Honda The Honda Civic Tourer announced the idea for the horizon in Rome. Small families conceived in Europe in Europe will be sold in the private sector. People in the brand want to minimize the number of vehicles that do not rent and bet on quality, not quality.

They lean on Honda Civic, one of the pillars of the house, breaking into the growing sub-sector of small family members. And if the eighth generation of 40 years old take a break, they use the same card with this Honda Citizen Taurus: it Decisively encouraging the family..

Commercialization of the Honda Civic Tourer In 2012, the Civic and CR-V announced the i-DTEC 1.6 engine in both models in 2012, and the Civic Tourer in 2014 and the Honda Civic Type R, Honda NSX and Honda Vezel, but Vezel (Europe), Honda FCEV and McLaren's Formula One comeback. Boys, the spirit of Honda is back.

Honda Civic Tourer - Touchdown - Test

In this context, 850,000 units are expected to be sold in 2015, with 56% targeting individuals, 1.220 units by 2020, and 60% private channels. In Honda, 80% of its 2014 sales volume is delivered to buyers.

The reason is simple. It is more advantageous for dealers to work this way and they do not throw away money. The Honda Civic Tourer can not be a great company car, unlike the SEAT that we have recently met with Leon ST.

Also in that context, the Honda Civic Tourer is part of the majority sales group in Spain Honda. 70% of the jobs are managed between Honda Civic, Honda CR-V and i-DTEC 1.6 engines. So do not be surprised that there are only diesel versions in presentations made in Rome. The current gasoline i-VTEC 1.8 is the second term.

Honda Citizen Tourist: Clearly Familiar

Honda Citizen to Laura - Contact

Honda Civic Tourer can not hide its relationship with the Civic. The Civic provides a CR-V on the front (B-pillar) that shares reasonable similarity in the rear area. The same rugged shape with distinctive wheel arches, vertical rear, very surrounding and somewhat angular optical group presided … and the lack of photogeneration.

Naturally, food is not as hard as photographs, but citizens can not hide their relatives. It is compact but familiar after all. As a good Honda, he is in the details where he does his best. As a matter of fact, the little gestures are fully functional. If the spoiler does not like it, the spoiler feels because it is used for aerodynamic purposes. And, spoiler Vertical rear or some protrusion of optics.

Honda Civic Tourer - Touchdown - Test

From a side view, there is no roof line with a little autumn, or a slightly softer rear, reducing today's gate effect. For taste, color, but perhaps there is some improvement in the appearance of this relative.

Perhaps the most intricate element would be to combine the low and frontal front of the Honda Civic with a very vertical rear end and an angled shoulder line that ends in a headlight that accentuates its right angle. Anyway, we need to know one thing. Honda has been betting for years to create innovative designs and will be welcome. Other manufacturers we already know play with the displayed decks that are always more comfortable.

We loaded the suitcases,

Honda Citizen Taurus - Boot

As we usually do in these contact photos, it is worthwhile to pause for a while before getting inside. Next to the trunk of Honda Citizen Tourist. Reluctantly – the manufacturer is already beginning to accept the fact that punctures do not give spare tires. These are the times we lived. So we have to adapt or fight with the whole world.

It is acknowledged that there is a person who uses at least the remaining space of intelligence. And this is the trunk design of the Honda Civic Tourer. The trap doors that form part of the boot floor are connected to a truly huge space that can be used for many applications imaginable. We have been teaching some travel bags for a while, but in the following pictures we can see that it fits in there.

Honda Citizen Taurus - Boot

2 large cabins, 2 large travel bags, 2 huge travel bags. You do not need a tetris to put it in the trunk. Two cabin size suitcases cellar, And the remaining four are shown below (it is also a catalog picture, but now you can see it because you saw it with your eyes).

Honda Citizen Taurus - Boot

In the rest, it's funny that the space Honda made possible among the people. cellar There is a rear bumper that can carry small objects or roll-up baggage covers. What he said: As a good Honda, in the details he does his best.

Speaking details … is the detail with two handles on the gate? Is the trunk hook resistance to 400 kg? Is the detail flat or moderate loading height? Are the details that make the mat easier to clean thanks to the hooks of the small hairs that make up the fabric?

Beyond the details, there is detail of a load network that can be fixed to the B and C pillars, which are 100% safe and legitimate utilities that appear as the next standard in the subsegment and are separators between load and occupant. Say goodbye to loaded car syndrome To the Swedes (Read: styled in certain Swedish furniture stores).

Interior, accommodation and installation

Honda Civic Tour U-Indoor

The interior space surrounds the driver without overwhelming him.

I emphasized it in the first print that the Civic Tourist Car caused me. And I say now. The interior space draws attention to the fact that the driver is upside down. The main information is visible to almost all residents, but the sense that you feel when you are sitting in the control leads the way. It is a round good quality space that carefully surrounds the driver but does not interfere with anything.

The driving position is high.The rest of the traffic is not inside the passenger room. Even if you lower the chair to a minimum, chair It can detect. It is easy to make this shape, but some people should be able to hold their hips slightly lower than their knees. The field of view is very good on the front and side, it is more fair for the shack, but enough to circulate. To overturn the maneuver, the camera can not be abandoned but as standard …

Honda Civic Tourer

Just like the rest of the elements on the central console, a few elements are observed and well aligned.

When moving to the rear seat, a good space is observed at the height of the shoulders and the distance from the knee to the front row of the seat. We consider the compact situation. The Civic Tourer showed a growth of 235mm with respect to the Civic, but due to the rear overhang there is no more change than the rooftop height here.

Honda Civic Tourer

As for storage space, the Civic Tourer is sufficient for family members of this segment. It is not particularly prominent in the gap with its rivals, but everything else except the door looks big, useful and well done.

Honda Civic Tourer wheels

Honda Civic Tourer - Dynamic Test

From the outset, the new i-DTEC 1.6 engine is already our oldest knowledge. When we tried on Citizen and CR-V, we told him everything. Put on the skin of the Honda Civic Tourer, we do not get any surprises: i-DTEC 1.6 is flexible enough. The play with him and the lightness of the elements inside at the next moment let us take it to the punching gas.

Well-tuned gearboxes contribute to good behavior and deliver a very sporty touch with short, precise lever movements. At the time of arrest, Idle Stop works well without any major inconvenience when resuming March, and the hill tide is well adjusted in terms of torque to deliver clutch at start.

Honda Civic Tourer

In motion, we have the opportunity to test an adaptive suspension system for a new rear train in this family compact, they say, the pioneer of the production car. From here we can see that we are handling pre-race cars. If you are lucky, the units that touched us will behave differently in different modes, but other comrades do not have the same luck.

In our case, mode dynamic It leaves a somewhat difficult suspension. It's like hitting a boat along a road on a Roman highway. It is much better to choose the mode. comfortOur rebound speed is slow, so we can really recognize it. If you do not vibrate like a boat, the system will correct the bumps very accurately.

Honda Civic tora, Touchdown

On the second day you will be given the opportunity to take another unit with the same engine (where the exterior color and finish level change). The mode does not work equally well. has exist comfortThe system reacts not only to the reaction of the unit tested on the first day, but also to the mercy of the tires worn by the Michelin Primacy HP with 225/45 R 17 rebound (see photo).

The dynamics of the Civic Tourer have been tuned for family size and are generally accurate, but tend to lean more quickly than they need to at a faster pace. Fortunately, the suspension system complements these characteristics of family members, but you should consider this. It is also true that you can not usually lead a family. Elastic.

Or … you should not.

Honda Civic Tourer

We are now talking about manageability.. And is there any better way than to come to Rome on Thursday afternoon around 5 o'clock? Well, do not panic. Traffic is not confused. Italian. And it takes 3 nanoseconds to get a precise shape that no one can imitate. In this situation, the mobility of the Civic Tourer will be an ally, depending on how it behaves.

When we look at it, I have a 1.77 meter-wide compact that is over 4.53 meters long and is immersed in the complex ecosystem of imaginary lanes, smart and motorcycles. The songs of Euro itself) and all kinds of SUVs and saloons do not even miss one. Yes, the visibility given by the civilian coat is correct. Fortunately

Honda Civic Tourist - Address

As for how to get out of trouble now Steering system I carry this family compactly. From the top to the top of the steering, there is a steering handle of 2.49 lbs, and the turning diameter for that part is 11.82 meters. However, how to apply the progression to the degree of rotation (more rotational speed with less steering wheel) is revealed as an ally in the middle of traffic.

This same progress is partly responsible for the very stable Honda Citizen touring on the highway. Another point of support for this calmness is that we can put the mass of the bag we carry at the bottom of the trunk. It is not our case, but it is not important because the suspension system is self-adjusting according to the load. Anyway, we got to the airport while I was thinking of all of this. It is time to go home now.

The cost of travel for this presentation was borne by the brand. For more information, see the Business Relationship Guide.

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