Volkswagen Golf R Cabrio, Testing (Part 1)

now Volkswagen Golf The seventh generation is already in the top position on the Spanish sales chart. We are Six generations. No, we were not wrong to have a car for this test.

The car we test today is Volkswagen Golf R Cabrio, the final version of the sixth generation golf presented at the Geneva Motor Show this year. And it only has to a Spanish merchant a few months ago when it arrived at a price that has nothing to do with his brother's promotional items. 50,490 euros.

For example, Javier Álvarez is very close to the almighty Mercedes A-class 45 AMG that we tried last week, Less than 95, Tow on the front axle and yes, soft top not having a Mercedes.

Volkswagen Golf R Cabrio test

Appearance: from the bestseller to the sports car with four details

This exclusive Volkswagen Golf R Cabrio is clear and easily different from other versions of the sixth generation of simple excellence. It has a "very golf" look. But a series of more sporty details give it away. Even the Golf GTI VI does not notice from the side..

Starting from the front, the design of the front bumper changes considerably over the rest of the sport range. Adopting the typical characteristics of the new creation of Volkswagen R.. Do you remember testing the Volkswagen Scirocco R? Well, this golf looks better than the GTI.

And that skirt is mainly highlighted Three large air inletsThere is a bright black bar. The perfect combination with the Intense blue color seen in the test unit.

Volkswagen Golf R Cabrio

Make sure that the front optics are slightly opaque so that they are not visible from the set that is visible only in the light. Weekly LED It is most noticeable because it is integrated inside the air intake of the front skirt.

What stands out is The alloy wheels are 19 inches Ideal for aquariums that are familiar with the administration of roads with small diameter sports tires and small 35 sports tires.

The side view of the body maintains a compact shape like the characteristics of golf, The main line of the body is still faithful. Only the tilted lower part than the normal closed version is the differentiation point.

Volkswagen Golf R Cabrio side test

And since we will go back, let's see what we find there. On the one hand, or both, there is something impressive Oval outlet Silver color. Similar to the cousins ​​of the Audi RS, these are not so big, so they become less noticeable.

Finally at the back we have a lower part of the bumper painted in bright black. With this A careful spoiler in the profile of the shoe lid They are the most significant changes in relation to the Golf Cabrio in a wide range of strokes.

What you have not overlooked R and details It identifies the sportiest version of Volkswagen. It was carefully painted black in this case of front grille, boot lid and front brake calipers, but R was painted in silver. It was our teaser.

Volkswagen Golf R Cabrio

So, artfully The set is sporty and elegant at the same time.. For the purest Volkswagen fans who can not die without GTI golf Wear a Lacoste polo shirt. They will not like it. But for those who know how to evaluate a real sports car, the truth is that this car aesthetically calls.

Very premium brushstrokes interior

Indoors are a bit like the outside of the Golf VI with details of their favorite sport and quality added. Starting with the seats is the same as found in the Golf GTI Cabrio, but in this case Standard Upholstery of Black Leather Great quality. Because the headrest does not have an R mark, you can carry it.

The steering wheel is also identical to the Golf GTI Cabrio. It is successful because it has excellent touch. Only the sound of a sports car is required again. Do not use a flat floor.. This is no longer a trend!

Volkswagen Golf R Cabrio

That Gray steering wheel seam They are also trademarks of the R creation and the six-speed transmission DSG shift paddle (also standard) is located on the back of both arms of the steering wheel.

On the scorecard we Striking blue needle, Which in this case is combined with the color of the body, but not all of Golf R and, if not, any R version brand.

The quality of the interior was what we expected from high-end golf. A bit too hard except for a few other plastics, Generally, the set is good.Along with a good finish, you have several holes to leave everyday stuff.

Volkswagen Golf R Cabrio

The front seat is slightly wider than the regular Golf R, but the front windshield is wide. But I do not feel overwhelmed at any time. If you are overwhelmed or want to stop breathing, simply press the button on the center console. Either lower the screen after 9 seconds or recapture after 11 seconds., Whenever it stops or when the maximum speed does not exceed 30 km / h.

Their back seats Relatively comfortableAlways keep in mind that we are in a compact convertible. That Allow space for legs.It also has a capacity of 250 liters, with the canvas hood wrapping around the back of the seat and boots with or without an open hood, so space does not change.

Tomorrow it is time to talk about how the Volkswagen Golf R Cabrio behaves dynamically, because on paper it has 265 horses that it delivers to the ground and its brother does not have four-motion traction that had golf The car that does not have an easy task to persuade the paper. R we tried a few years ago in the video.

It will continue …